Avery Power Lanyard

Avery Power Lanyard


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Avery Power Lanyard

Avery Power Lanyard – Avery Lanyard

The Avery Power Lanyard combines a neoprene neck strap with a fleece lining making it Avery’s most comfortable lanyard yet.

The Power Lanyard offers:

  • Three O-rings for drop attachments
  • Four 2 drop attachments
  • Paracord drops with quick connectors
  • One locking whistle attachment


  • Model: 99969
  • Color: KW-1


The Avery Game Call Power Lanyard has micro fleece round the strap and is extremely comfortable. you’ll clip and unclip calls onto it as you desire. The Avery Game Call Power Lanyard is quickly becoming the waterfowl hunter’s favorite lanyard. Be comfortable even within the early season once you wear a T shirt.

You can arrange your calls any way you wish in order that they won’t hit one another the facility Lanyard even allows you to string a drake whistle onto one among the metal o-rings. you will not be disappointed within the least when ducking with this Power Lanyard.

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