Avery Quad Loop Lanyard

Avery Quad Loop Lanyard


SKU: WFD-528-00


 Avery Quad Loop Lanyard

Avery Greenhead Gear Quad Loop Lanyard

The Avery GHG Quad Loop Lanyard is a lightweight braided nylon lanyard that can fit up to two calls.

The GHG Quad Loop Lanyard offers:

  • Securely hold up to four game calls
  • Attached spring will never slip off cord
  • Rot-proof braided polypropylene cord
  • No-rust coated stainless steel springs

Avery Greenhead Gear Quad Loop Lanyard
The Avery GHG Quad Loop Lanyard may be a light-weight adorned nylon lanyard which will work up to 2 calls.

The GHG Quad Loop Lanyard offers:

Securely impediment to four game calls
Attached spring can ne’er take off wire
Rot-proof adorned plastic wire
No-rust coated chrome steel springs

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