Duck Hunting Truck Bed Stripe Decal Kit Truck Bed Trim Kit 4 Ducks

Truck Bed Stripe Decal Kit Truck Bed Trim – 4 Ducks – 7422





Duck Hunting Truck Bed Stripe Decal Kit Truck Bed Trim Kit 4 Ducks – (Pair – Left and Right) 7422

Our Duck Hunting Truck Bed Stripe Decal Kit Truck Bed Trim Kit 4 Ducks is Custom Die Cut on our High Speed Vinyl cutters from outdoor grade high performance adhesive vinyl. Available in Several color and size options. Our Truck Bed Stripe Decal Kit Truck Sticker is made to be applied to the outside of your automobile or can be applied to any hard smooth surface. 


  • 11.00 x 46″ each


  • (Pair – Left and Right)
  • Applies to Exterior of Car or Truck Body. High Quality Commercial Grade Outdoor Vinyl 5-7 Year Life Span. 
  • No Background, image is cut out and is the vehicle’s paint color showing through.
  • This decal is a universal fit to most truck beds, but please measure your application before purchasing. Easily fits on Tundra, Silverado, F150, and Ram.
  • Decals are carwash proof and Weather Proof!
  • Transfer tape is pre-applied and your decal is ready to install out of the box.
  • Contact us if you need a custom size decal for your trailer, window or wall. We have all your fishing sticker needs!

Installation Instructions:

Do not apply decals in direct sunlight especially if the surface is hot. This will cause decal to prematurely stick. The ideal temperature to install these is 55-95 degrees. The surface must be clean. If you see anything on the surface, you will see it under your sticker. Use a razor blade to clean any large objects from the glass surface. Use Isopropyl or Rubbing alcohol to clean surfaces when you want to install the decal. This needs to be wiped on heavy and wiped dry with a dry clean cloth or paper towel. DO NOT ALLOW ALCOHOL TO EVAPORATE. This will cause the contaminants to dry on the surface you were trying to clean. However, this does remove Car Wax, Rain-X and the like so you must reapply. Give the decal a week to two to fully cure in the sun before doing so.

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