Duck Hunting Trailer Sticker Decal Duck Hunting Wall Decal 5050 T-24″




Duck Hunting Trailer Decal Duck Hunting Wall Decal Sticker – 5050 24″

Duck Hunting Trailer Decal – This is for one set of the 24″ birds from design 5050

Note that each bird is approximately 24″ wide.

Available in: White, Black

If you want this for both sides of your trailer, select quantity 2 and we will make sure to mirror the 2nd set so both sets of birds are flying the same direction on both sides of the trailer.

Our Duck Hunting Trailer Decal and Duck Hunting Decals are Custom Die Cut on our High Speed Vinyl cutters from outdoor grade high performance adhesive vinyl. Available in Several color and size options. Our Duck Hunting Trailer Decal and Duck Stickers are made to be applied to the outside of your automobile windows, or can be applied to any hard smooth surface. Very popular for Corn Hole / Bag Game Boards. Colors will last for years and not fade.

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Weight 1.2 lbs




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