Ducks Comin' Around - Duck Hunting Decal - Around Sticker - 5044

Ducks Comin’ Around – Duck Hunting Decal – Around Sticker – 5044


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Ducks Comin’ Around – Duck Hunting Decal – Around Sticker – 5044


  • Small 8″x 8″
  • Medium 10″x 10″

Available in White, Black and Chrome.

Additional charges include $1.50 for Chrome and $1.00 for Medium size.

Make your truck, trailer, or hunting gear stand out from the rest with Duck Hunting Decals and other Duck Stickers from WaterfowlDecals that portrays your passion for duck hunting. WaterfowlDecals are made from deluxe vinyl that is guaranteed to last, and each product is realistic and highly detailed.

There are a wide variety of duck hunting decals available. Large, 24’’ spreads featuring ducks in flight from all angles and vantage points are available, as well as smaller scenes portraying flipping mallards as well as the moment a duck is shot. Other scenes include hunters in boats, a hunter with a bird call, widgeons, pin-tail bucks, and duck tracks. Also included in the duck hunting collection are shotgun barrel decals and decals with slogans. Available shotgun decals include – Fowl Intentions, Air Traffic Controller, Breast Collector, Duck Terrorist, Custom Design…

Slogan decals include – Hardcore Waterfowler, Hooked on Quack!, Quack Attack!, Quack Kills, Quack Addict, Duckaholic, I Brake for Hovering Mallards, Customized Team Names…

No matter your preference, WaterfowlDecals is sure to have a duck hunting decal that fits your personal style and budget. These decals also make great gifts for your favorite duck hunter!

Installation Instructions:

Do not apply decals in direct sunlight especially if the surface is hot. This will cause decal to prematurely stick. The ideal temperature to install these is 55-95 degrees.

The surface must be clean. If you see anything on the surface, you will see it under your sticker. I would use a razor blade to clean any large objects from the glass surface. You should use Isopropyl or Rubbing alcohol to clean surfaces when you want to install the decal. This needs to be wiped on heavy and wiped dry with a dry clean cloth or paper towel. DO NOT ALLOW ALCOHOL TO EVAPORATE. This will cause the contaminants to dry on the surface you were trying to clean. However, this does remove Car Wax, Rain-X and the like so you must reapply. Give the decal a week to two to fully cure in the sun before doing so.

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