Diver Blackjack Duck Hunting Decal - Hunting Sticker - 5066

Diver Blackjack Duck Hunting Decal – Diver Duck Hunting Sticker – 5066


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Diver Blackjack Duck Hunting Decal – Hunting Sticker – 5066


  • Small 5″x 3″
  • Medium 8″x 6″

Available in White, Black and Chrome.

Additional charges include $1.50 for Chrome and $1.00 for Medium size.

Do you have strong opinions about your 2nd Amendment rights? Share your views with 2nd Amendment Decals. At WaterfowlDecals, each product is made from the highest quality vinyl and is designed to last for years.

Whether you are looking for a humorous saying, a catchy slogan, or a declaration of your views, we have a 2nd Amendment decal that will fit your style and personality. These decals are perfect for customizing your car, truck, hunting gear, garage, or any non-porous surface. Our 2nd Amendment decals including sayings such as:

This Is What An Average, Responsible Gun Owner Looks Like, A Gun In The Hand Is Better Than A Cop On The Phone, DADD Dads Against Daughters Dating
Forget The Dog Beware Of Owner, Good Guys Carry Guns Too, Right Now I’d Rather Be At The Shooting Range, The Ultimate in Feminine Protection, This State Allows Concealed Carry. Think Before You Act., You’re Only a Gun Nut Until The Apocalypse, Then You’re a Hero and many more!

Decals in our 2nd Amendment category are approximately 6.5’’ x 9.5’’ (custom sizes are also available – contact us for more information) and have a white background with black letters. These decals make great gifts for your favorite gun enthusiast, as well.

Installation Instructions:

Do not apply decals in direct sunlight especially if the surface is hot. This will cause decal to prematurely stick. The ideal temperature to install these is 55-95 degrees.

The surface must be clean. If you see anything on the surface, you will see it under your sticker. I would use a razor blade to clean any large objects from the glass surface. You should use Isopropyl or Rubbing alcohol to clean surfaces when you want to install the decal. This needs to be wiped on heavy and wiped dry with a dry clean cloth or paper towel. DO NOT ALLOW ALCOHOL TO EVAPORATE. This will cause the contami nants to dry on the surface you were trying to clean. However, this does remove Car Wax, Rain-X and the like so you must reapply. Give the decal a week to two to fully cure in the sun before doing so.


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