Goose Hunting Field Hunting Scene Window Kit – Truck Window Kit

Goose Hunting Field Hunting Scene Window Kit – Truck Window Kit – 1700


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Goose Hunting Field Hunting Scene Window Kit – Truck Window Kit – 1700

These are complete back window kits.

Fit’s windows up to 72″ wide. As shown above on 56″x 17″ window blank.

Available in white, black, gold and chrome

Window scene decals are the perfect way to show off your love for hunting while also turning a back window into a piece of art. Each window scene kit covers the entire window – up to 72’’ wide – and depicts a highly detailed and intricate scene. Window scene decals are made from the highest quality vinyl and are guaranteed to last for years.

Available window scenes include two goose hunting field scenes and two duck hunting field scenes. In one field scene, a dog overlooks geese or ducks standing in a field and flying in the air. In a second scene, a hunter takes aim at his flying game. Each version is available in black, white, gold, and chrome.

Not only do our window scenes add a touch of personalization to your vehicle, but they also serve as a conversation piece for anyone who recognizes the beauty of a dog and hunter surrounded by his or her favorite game. Window kits start at $24.99 and also make fantastic gifts for your favorite waterfowler.

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